The Boating Industries Alliance Australia was launched in February 2011 to represent the boating industry in Australia to all stakeholders with the potential to impact the sector. As the principal advocate for the boating industry, BIAA is the national focus for relationships with state and federal governments, user groups, other marine industry bodies, associated industry sectors, international agencies and standards and regulatory organisations. BIAA works in partnership with a number of stakeholders to strengthen the message of the boating industry and related stakeholders, including boating and fishing associations.

BIAA Board
Boating Industries Alliance Australia has a board constituted of a director from each member, with a chairman elected from the board.
The current Board is as follows:
The Boating Industries Alliance Australia is an alliance of six members, which between them represent more than 90% of the boating industry in Australia. Individual boating industry businesses are not directly members of BIAA, however they are represented at BIAA by their local state association. The BIAA is funded by contributions from each state association but is a separate organisation with independence to a level consistent with direction provided by the BIAA Board. The BIAA staff works to this Board direction and provides national-level support to state association managers as required.


Darren Vaux

New South Wales (BIANSW)
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Alan Blake
Simon Cook

South Australia (BIASA)
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Andrew Hayes
George Bolton

Victoria (BIAV)
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Paul Benjamin
Irene Hoe

Western Australia (BIAWA)
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Jim Rann

Queensland (MQ)
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Matthew Hodson
Nathan Nichols

The BIAA Board is supported by the BIAA General Manager who in turn works closely with the General Manager of each state association to provide action to deliver the BIAA Board program of work.

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