Issues and topics of interest
The Boating Industries Alliance Australia represents its members on a wide variety of issues and topics of interest, with a particular focus on national and international issues. Issues related only to an individual state within Australia are more appropriately managed by the local BIA office, however whenever the knowledge, experience, support or weight of other members of the national alliance can be brought to bear, BIAA coordinates such assistance to ensure all members are fairly and strongly supported.

National issues of particular focus in 2011 are managing the impact of the parallel import market (also known as the grey market), managing the impact of bioregional planning and marine parks, with consequent
restrictions to boating and related activities, influencing development and implementation of emissions regulations for marine engines, partnering with key stakeholders to sustain boating related activities, such as recreational fishing, developing strategies for promoting and growing the boating industry and nurturing a strong recognition of and support for the industry at federal and state government levels.

Understanding the impact of a range of non-boating industry specific issues, such as taxation legislation and workplace and health and safety legislation, is also be managed via BIAA, ensuring a common approach to such by all state BIAs and a standard resource of information for boating industry members.