The BIAA takes very seriously the matter of industry professional development and equally that of education and training of the boater to be a safe, competent and confident boater. A number of programs exist across the country to provide support in these areas, and BIAA will be working to deliver these on a consistent national basis.

An important element of BIAA’s support for the boating industry is the development and provision of a career pathway for the industry. The boating industry is a diverse sector, offering a very wide range of
skilled occupations and career opportunities and BIAA will be promoting the opportunities that exist within the industry to secondary and tertiary education providers in order to nurture the next generation of industry professionals.

BIAA supports the work of state government maritime agencies to promote boater education and training and works with ANZSBEG to deliver safety messages to the boater. See ANZSBEG for more information.

Marine Mechanical Qualifications Project
Auto Skills Australia undertakes review of the standards used for training mechanics for the leisure and allied boating industries

National vocational qualifications, found in Training Packages, undergo an on-going process of review and continuous improvement. A key part of this process is ensuring the design and review of vocational qualifications is reflective of job roles found in the workplace and have a specific alignment with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

As part of the training package review process ASA undertakes a range of consultative and evaluative processes to ascertain industries priorities for qualifications review. This process includes the capture of industry and other stakeholder intelligence through a range of formal and informal processes including inputs from specially constructed ASA industry advisory groups.

The marine sector as it aligns with the AUR05 Training Package covers the recreational and light commercial boating industry and its related mechanical activities. The qualifications and units of competency contained within the AUR05 Training Package must meet the requirement to perform a range of mechanical service and repair tasks, and is an important component of the broader Australian automotive retail, service and repair industry.

The project is designed to review, and potentially re-write the Marine qualifications that exist in AUR05.
The project will include, but not be limited to:

• Reviewing the qualification structures
• Engaging with industry to align the revised qualification content with marine sector contemporary job roles
• Ensuring that any regulatory requirements that impact on the qualifications are factored in
• Developing new units of competency where units do not exist and may be required to match contemporary job roles
• Re-design of qualification Packaging Rules that provide sufficient industry flexibility but do not erode the integrity of the qualification
• Ensuring the Elements, Performance Criteria and the Context of Assessment of any Unit of Competency contained within the qualification are fit-for-purpose and provide industry with a high quality outcome

Key factors driving the review of the qualifications centres is the recognition that the qualification is structured in such a way that it may not be able to provide sufficient scope to align with actual job roles in the Marine and allied industries. The qualifications, and broad interpretation of the Packaging Rules contained within the qualifications may in some instances be able to be manipulated to produce less than the desired outcome.
It is felt that by reviewing the Marine qualifications identified in the scope of the project, a more robust set of qualifications, with clearly identified job-role oriented outcomes, as well as pathways, will be provided to the Marine sector.

Any comments regarding the qualifications can be sent to Jeff Heaney at Auto Skills Australia. Jeff can be contacted via email at

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